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Artist's Statement

Davian (DJ) Robinson

What is art, without the artist? What is dance without movement? What is expression without
heart? What is embodiment, without imagination and what is dance without full inclusion? The
art of dance itself is oftentimes devoid of inclusion and accessibility.

This void leaves individuals with disabilities on the sidelines wondering and wishing they could
express themselves with freedom, power and utter joy because of the liberation that true
expression of movement offers to the dancer, I create to dismantle barriers and raise up the
oppressed dancer who is disabled, who also desires to express themselves through physical
movement. The embodiment of expressive movement within dance can and should be not only
inclusive and accessible in nature, but dance should be more sensitive to the idea that a
disabled body is not a disabled body, but a body that belongs. In the greater landscape of
dance, this disabled body comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and lastly, with a
variety of abilities and gifts to offer the world.

My aim within my work is to continue to bridge the gap where there is lack of inclusion. I share
expressive and insightful perspectives into a dance culture that will thrive once the greater
push for the full integration of persons that are blind and disabled is reached. Dance can never
be without empathy, but must always allow beauty to grow through great passion for change.

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