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Davian has performed at Orsolina 28 and The Palace of Venaria in Italy, and in Charlotte, NC in UNC Charlotte Dance Concerts, MOVE Dance Alliance Concerts, Loose Leaves Showcase, and Reactions of Resistance. Davian has performed works by Marcus White, Tamara Williams, Matilde Demarchi, and Lillian Willis. 

Notably, he was selected to perform in Adidas “Impossible is Nothing” spec commercial, pro-

duced by Sugar Pop Productions and directed by Meg Gamez in 2018. Davian has been featured in the Charlotte Observer, Inside UNC Charlotte, Charlotte Magazine, and on UNC-TV’s My Home, NC feature, Davian Robinson: Fearless. 

Sensory Beyond Sight
Sensory Beyond Sight Workshop_edited.jpg

Beyond Sight


Davian founded and leads Sensory Beyond Sight dance workshops which invite participants to experience movement without the use of their sight. In 2019 Davian was invited to present Sensory Beyond Sight at the Alexander Technique national conference at Columbia University in New York, NY and perform original choreography at the historic Alhambra Ballroom. He also presented a modified version of his workshop Healing Beyond Sight to non-dancers and dancers at a Charlotte Rxse day of healing with a dance-based organization out of Charlotte, North Carolina. 


Sensory Beyond Sight is a workshop, founded and led by Davian Robinson, to help dancers foster a deeper understanding of body awareness through the elimination of sight. Using his experience as a mover without sight, as well as his experiences working with Dance Movement Mentors, Davian will lead you through this workshop in thoughtful and exciting ways, encouraging you to step away from perfectionistic mindsets, insecurities, and worries of comparison. The workshop is structured similar to that of a dance class, utilizing improvisational structures and guided movement time while blindfolded, situated between an introduction and concluding discussion lead by Davian. This workshop has evolved to suit the needs of not only performing artists, but people in a variety of workplaces, careers, and stages of life. Through this workshop participants will have time and space to explore what the elimination of sight can bring to their experiences while dancing; hopefully, finding new ways of moving, while also experiencing new ways of being in their bodies.

*For my workshop, the Mentor typically serves as my assistant in teaching the different topics, like sculpting. The Mentor may also serve as safety officer for the participants that are blindfolded.

Audio descriptions for Sensory Beyond Sight at Halestone Dance Studio in Lexington, VA.

Stunning photo credit: Jillian Clark