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I speak because not only do I have a story to tell, and an encouraging word to share, but also because I have a dream that every moment I speak those who listen will be impacted. And it is not just because of my disability or my achievements that I speak. I speak because deep within me are words that have not been heard and the words that have not been heard can’t leave an impact unless the words are said and then the words are understood. 


I grew up hearing influential people speak, such as Les Brown, Denzel Washington and Martin Luther King Jr. throughout my life. These men that I have mentioned are all men who had a story to tell, who had a life to live and people to reach. In my words there is power, in my words there is victory, in my words there is wisdom, and in my words there is faith. This is why I speak. My motivation to speak is beyond what I can ever imagine for myself. My motivation to speak is powered by the passion, the love, and the desire I have to reach one teach one like those before me have said. 

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My motto is never give up, never quit, never give out, never give in, and never say no to life’s challenges, but be willing and ready to say yes. I say this because when you understand your why, you understand your purpose.


- Davian Robinson -


Beyond Sight


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